Empowering our City, to be Love in Action by being Love in Action to meet the needs of ALL people in the community in hopes of creating WHOLENESS to Everyone!


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We believe in ensuring everyone has the means to receive quality food no matter what community they live in. LIA in collaboration with St. Stanilaus offers Free Food Fridays, every Friday as well as FREE Community Lunch every 4th Tuesday of the Month at the Polish Heritage Center. LIA also delivers food in the Community for those without means of transportation. For more information please email loveinaction2018@gmail.com.

Nutrition & Wellness

Everyone needs that one opportunity to feel protected and valued all at the same time. In Safe Zone, we believe in confidentiality and the ability to speak to real life issues plaguing our communities as well as ourselves. Join us by INVITE ONLY, to Safe Zone on Wednesday Nights at 6pm. If your interested or have an immediate need, email loveinaction2018@gmail.com

Safe Zone

Ongoing community ministry is necessary and must be offered past our typical Sunday service. Join us in an initimate Saturday Services with prayer and supplication at the forefront entangled with music and of course a fruitful message. If you are interested please email loveinaction2018@gmail.com.

Community Circle

The involvement and opportunities that we give our youth and young adults allow them to evolve within their community. We make sure that the voices of our youth are heard and that we advocate for their immediate and long term needs by training them in self development, self-esteem and self-love with God at the forefront. This includes nurturing their different areas of giftedness. For more information email 


LIA Activities