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Adult Services


Being Ministers of the gospel, and Certified Biblical Counselors, our ministry team has a full understanding of what GOD's love in action has done for us as well as those we serve.  With this calling from Christ, we have been faithful and intentional to bring this ministry to the community at large. It is a mission to community, regardless of ones individual journey. With a powerful outreach ministry to the displaced and underserved, we are committed to doing our part to end homelessness and hunger in our communities. LIA is embedded with sound biblical teaching and understands that in order to see our communities move in positive, forward motion we need to take those principles and pour them into the people directly. In ministry, it is important for all to know that the abundance of, or lack of resources, does not determine God's love or his ability to provide our every need towards wholeness. Our weekly Safe Zone Group, guides and supports that same effort in wholeness.

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Canva - Self Care Isn't Selfish Signage.


We are intentional about depending on the wisdom and leadership of God as we give sound counsel which is needed for empowerment and growth. This way there is a continued birthing of leaders. As a community based ministry we believe, that it is important that we not only lead but that we build up our leaders of tomorrow so that the cycle never dies.


Our team is skilled in Strategic Thinking, Planning and Delivery, Relationship-Building, Change Management, Communication and Positive Influence. The Core Values Program, I-Able helps in the development leadership. Our Apprentice Program and relationship with Sparkle Like Diamond LLC., allows for a hands on working experience. We are excited to offer our services and look forward to empowering the community at large. 

Disabled Veterans

At Love in Action we believe in ensuring ours Veterans are well taken care regardless of their circumstances. We are grateful for their service and believe in creating spaces for them and meeting their needs and providing quality service. Below you will find those services that we offer within this program.


  • Advocacy program

  • Food security

  • Homelessness Prevention

  • Transitional support

  • COMING SOON: LIA P327 Home for VETS 


If you are interested in our Disabled Veterans program or know someone who is in need of any of the above services please reach out to us. 

Army Medals
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